Foundation in middle of repairs

Water leaking into your basement?
Cracks in your foundation?

The building code only requires your foundation to be damp-proofed by spraying a thin layer on the walls. This procedure does not waterproof your home. Here at Groundhoggers Coring Inc, we take protecting your home a step further: sealing your home from water and providing measures to move groundwater away from your basement. If you require our professional service, please contact us for your free quote!


As indicated above, the building industry code only requires that foundation walls receive a thin spray for damp-proofing. This procedure only serves to prevent moisture on the concrete. Over time and with varying moisture conditions, concrete foundations can deteriorate/erode, or stress cracks may occur.

Our waterproofing solution begins with excavating the foundation down to the footings. Any cracks are treated and sealed, and then a thicker layer of damp-proofing is applied to the surface. Finally, we install a waterproof membrane against the foundation. With our methods, all moisture will be directed to the weeping system of your home.

Weeping Systems

Weeping tile is an essential part of the drainage system for your home between ground water and water tables. The weeping system takes the moisture and directs it to either a sump system or drainage, preventing water from penetrating the footings of your home.

At Groundhoggers Coring Inc, we have several techniques to install weeping tile: from total excavation to the footings, to trenchless weeping install or interior installations. Combined with our hidden Sump System, you can rest easy, knowing your home will be safe from ground water damage.