Our Drill in Action

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

When it comes to laying new utility lines, Groundhoggers Coring Inc. is the place to call. We offer HDD services throughout Southern Alberta in both urban and rural sectors.

HDD allows us to drill a path for new lines with minimal ground disturbance. Not only will you not have to disturb landscaping with a large trench, but HDD is a steerable method which allows easy maneuvering around existing utility lines. The nature of this trenchless method makes HDD perfect for jobs that require new lines under and around existing infrastructure, such as roads and pre-existing pipelines. HDD is also great for the country side, saving both time and cost on what would otherwise require a large excavation.

GCI is capable of pulling lines for any utility. Water lines, sewer and gas pipes, electrical and fiber-optic cables, and conduit for any of the above. You name it, we pull it.

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Our Crew Prepping to Fuse a Pipe

HDPE Fusion and More

Groundhoggers has crew that are trained and certified on the processes of electrofusion and butt fusion. Both of these processes are designed to combine two flexible segments of pipe without the need of coupling, a must when it comes to pulling underground lines. If your client wants to use smaller segments, look no further for experienced technicians who can get the job done and give you a good impression on your clients.

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One of our crew in the process of Pipe Bursting

When Your Sewer is Beyond Cleaning

GCI has years of experience in trenchless technology for replacing your sanitary sewer. These methods are proven fast and cost effective. Trenchless means less ground disturbance compared to trenching a sewer. Ground disturbance can cause your yard to slump where the trench was for years to follow, further damaging your landscaping beyond just the initial dig. In some cases, recovery costs for landscaping can be in the thousands.

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A clay tile sewer before & after

  • Before
  • After
  • This video shows a clay tile sewer prior to renewal. You can see how roots have infiltrated the pipe, and are restricting flow (leading to back-ups). Additonally, a collapsed protion is visible near the beginning of the pipe.
  • In this video you can see the ABS sewer that we have replaced the clay tile sewer with. You can see how the walls are smooth, there are no openings, and joints are properly sealed. The white foam that is visible are suds resulting from an initial cleaning after installation.

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A newly installed Back Water Valve

For home protection and peace of mind, a backwater valve installed in your home or business will protect it from city sewage entering your property. This can occur when main sewer lines become overwhelmed or blocked. GCI's professional team can install any model to best suit your needs, you can choose from 3 different types: two inside models or one external model.

Indoor Indoor w/ Cleanout Outdoor

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A new ABS stack

Cast iron piping under your basement floor will rust and deteriorate over time, becoming a big problem. Failing cast can create sewer backups, and may even break open, allowing raw sewage to soak into the earth under your home, causing odd odours and health risks. GCI will video inspect the cast piping and give you a full report of the condition, along with our recommendation of proper solutions.

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Deteriorated Cast Iron Pictures

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